Tristan Chai (B. Physiotherapy, MAPA; M. Acupuncture, MAACMA)

Tristan is currently head physiotherapist for the Adelaide 36ers. Graduating from UniSA (B. Physio) in 2005, Tristan swiftly started working with elite athletes – not knowing at the time how heavily this would shape his rehabilitation and treatment philosophy.

“Working with athletes, everything has extra expectations – the body has to get better than pre-injury state, and it has to be done sooner. The pressure that it puts on a therapist is great. It nurtures creativity and constantly renewing best practice.”

When these same treatment methods and philosophies are then applied to the rest of the population (whether the elderly, the office worker or the weekend warrior) results are incredible.

Tristan is one of the few physiotherapists who has completed a Masters of Acupuncture making him an industry leader in the application of dry needling and puts him in the unique position to apply a combination of dry needling and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

He has found applications for this (beyond musculoskeletal injuries) with hay fever, insomnia, digestive issues, women’s health and chronic pain.