Too good not to share this metaphor shared by the guys at NOI, and originally imagined by Peter Roberts... 

The common findings on scans and x-rays are usually related to age changes – the kisses of time. Left and right differences are quite normal. We grow like trees, never the same left and right, adapting to the seasons and the weather. Like trees, we too can be resilient against the irrepressible forces of nature, heal ourselves and can seek appropriate nourishment. Your body and any scans reflect your life story – not necessarily injury or pain. Google an image of Serena Williams’ (or any professional tennis player’s) dominant arm and you will see how different their two arms are.

Patients are naturally concerned about left/right differences in scan findings (or perhaps from what they’ve been told about their leg lengths by some practitioners). ‘We grow like trees’ can help reconceptualise a person’s body image using positive, changeable imagery. Scan findings might need a deeper discussion, but this nugget can help break the ice.”

-NOI Group

Tristan Chai