This question really caught our eyes.Not just because it seems to be talking to us at Good Physio but because it’s an interesting perspective on what we value as a profession. 

This post is based on some fairly raw but very relevant data analysis of groups of physios over the years. 
Dave Walton, PhD, at various speaking and teaching events will ask physios the question: “Think about a physiotherapist who you consider to be particularly 'good', this may be yourself or someone you look up to as a model or mentor.  Or if you can't think of a single person, think about the qualities that you think of when you think of a good physio.” With over 400 respondents (via text message) its interesting to see the top values are:

  • Communication

  • Empathy and understanding

  • Connection with clients

  • Life long learning

Interestingly, these are largely values of the practitioner as a human rather than as a clinician! Certainly a worthwhile checkpoint as we all try to improve the outcomes of our patients.

Walton, D. What Makes a ‘Good Physio.’ http://www.pirlresearch.com/journal/2016/4/11/what-makes-a-good-physio. April 11, 2016.” UPDATE: http://www.pirlresearch.com/journal/2019/4/12/what-makes-a-good-physio-part-2

Tristan Chai