Aneeka has collated her top 7 tips to reduce cycling injuries and enhance recovery, in time for the Tour Down Under. Check them out below.

Cycling Tip # 1: Get a BikeFit - having the correct set-up can help prevent pain and discomfort. As your body adapts to being on the bike you may need to change your set-up.  You need the bike to fit your "window of function". 

Cycling Tip # 2: Proper pedal technique - a lot can be said for pedal technique.. it will allow you to share the load between your quads, hamstring, gluteals and calf to avoid overloading any specific area or joint. Correct technique will also help improve your power, speed and allow you to go faster for longer. 

Cycling Tip # 3: Mix up your riding - it's not always go hard or go home every day. If you've had a tough long slog one day think about a lighter high cadence with low resistance spin to help your legs recover and flush out any lactic acid. 

Cycling Tip # 4: Warm-up is essential - an adequate warm-up with a steady increase in heart rate will help get your blood pumping and muscles primed. Going out cold can increase your risk of injury. 

Cycling Tip # 5: Sleep - a good nights zzzzz can improve your bodies ability to recover. You are a 300% greater risk of stress fracture due to lack of sleep. 

Cycling Tip # 6: Recover right - without an adequate cool down and recovery post ride your muscles can become inflammed and your muscle fibres can become tight and shortened. Utilising self release tools such as foam rollers and massage balls can help speed up recovery by stimulating the neurovascular system. 

Cycling Tip # 7: Body maintenance - massage or Physiotherapy is another form of recovery or can be used as maintenance to keep you on the bike. Releasing soft tissue tightness and reducing any lactic acid build up will leave you feeling fresh and ready for your next ride. 

Tristan Chai