G R A D U A T E S //

Welcome to one of the most rewarding professions ever!

Being able to influence people's lives so directly is extremely special and the journeys you take with your clients are both deeply satisfying and inspiring. 

But there are levels to this game. 

You'll never be smart enough to stop learning of your peers and you'll never have treated a condition enough times not to learn from each individual patient. 

As you make the transition to #worklyf you will make mistakes and you will need help. Embrace the growth, you're not expected to know it all. 

Know the path you want to tread - there seems to be two: fast-paced, discounted, high volume physiotherapy; or quality, individualized, unrushed care. 

This industry isn't about having an Instagram following. Or about having a cool clinic. Or about making money or status. It's about helping, and doing our part to put the 'care' back into 'healthcare.' Get experience, perfect the fundamentals, innovate ways to make things better and leave a legacy that you can be proud of. Don't contribute to the saturation of our industry with mediocrity, make our industry better than the "physio clinic on every corner" that it's becoming. Join a committee, advocate for better recognition of our profession, fight for better ways to share knowledge. 

I saw an article a few weeks back about Denzel Washington - one of Hollywoods most decorated actors, been acting since 1975 - still, to this day, takes acting lessons. 

When asked why, he said it's because he wants to be better at his craft. Not to get paid more, not to land more roles, but to be the best actor he can be.

If Denzel is taking acting classes, you'll find me and my team taking classes. Not classes on building a 'following' or gaining 'reach', classes on optimizing rehab, managing the pain experience and evaluating our effectiveness as THERAPISTS. 

I guarantee taking this approach to your career, not only will you be more satisfied and fulfilled with work, together we'll keep moving our industry forward. 

Let's get to work!!

Tristan Chai