Stretching is a lot like doing dirty dishes. Doing the dishes straight after using them is easier, it doesn’t take as much effort and is more effective. Leaving them over night will make the job harder. Same thing goes with stretching, the sooner after training, the better AND it will require less of your time.

Considering this analogy, a lot of us will eat off the same dirty plate again without washing it by going back out for a run, or to the gym the next day.

Stretching after exercise is a commonly accepted practice – however, it is not commonly executed.

In my experience, there is a general consensus that people want to stretch but there is a bit of uncertainty as to how to best go about it. I personally think that this reflects a lack of motivation moreso than a lack of knowledge…

The secret to stretching is simple – do it. I remember once asking my dentist whether I should floss before I brush or after, his response was simply “Tristan, just floss.” This really resonated with me – in the process of perfecting and proving techniques and protocols, I think the beauty of simplicity has been lost in some cases.

Stretching needn’t be complex, stretches that you can feel in places that you have used – whether that be from exercise or from day-long posture – are enough to decrease resting tone in muscle in turn opening up posture and taking pressure away from joints.

Getting into the habit of stretching tight muscles will be a great step in the right direction in keeping muscles supple and preventing the insidious onset of some injuries, and will also make recovery from the unavoidable injuries quicker.