At Good Physio we provide the highest level of care, utilising an ever-evolving skill-set in physiotherapy, acupuncture and exercise therapy. With years of experience in complex injuries and working within multi-disciplinary teams, Good Physio at Glenelg utilises a ‘best of’ mix of therapies individualised for your specific needs.



There has been a definite shift in what constitutes ‘good’ physiotherapy. Hands-on, manual therapy has far overtaken the antiquated (and overused) electrotherapy modalities. An emphasis on one-to-one patient care, with time dedicated for the patient to be educated and understand the goals and outcomes has replaced the physio that runs from room to room.

At Good Physio, there are many treatment options and while there is often a clear goal that is easily agreed upon – the way we get there is very individual. We use massage, dry needling, trigger point release, joint mobilisation/manipulation, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, cranio-sacral therapy and can also include Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, such as Guasha and cupping.



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Dry needling is a skill that is steadily increasing within the physiotherapy industry. It involves inserting a thin, stainless steel into tight muscle or fascia. It is an extremely valuable treatment adjunct and has clinically been shown to be beneficial for the treatment of many musculoskeletal injuries (headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, shin pain, acute muscle strains to name a few).

With the clinical success of dry needling, it was a logical step for Tristan to further his knowledge by completing a Masters in Acupuncture (RMIT) making him an industry leader in both Acupuncture and dry needling and to extend his scope of practice to include conditions like: hay fever, sinusitis, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive issues, women’s health issues (PMS, menopause, pregnancy), insomnia and anxiety.

This extra depth of knowledge has influenced Tristan’s clinical practice and truly sets him apart from many other clinics.



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Injury prevention is the next frontier in physiotherapy. Being able to treat injuries well and get people back to what they need to be doing in the quickest time is extremely rewarding. But playing a role in preventing the injury in the first place is even better.

Having worked with numerous elite athletes at a number of sporting clubs, we have been able to put together an in-depth pre-season screening aimed at decreasing the risk of injury while also improving performance.